3 Amazing "She Sheds" That Will Inspire You to Build Your Own

That decrepit storage shed in your back yard could very well be your new favorite place to unwind, get creative or escape from the world.

More women are turning to backyard sheds, dubbed “She Sheds,” to create space away from the home to call their very own.

They’re using these hideaways for yoga, reading, writing, gardening or just to grab a few minutes of peace and quiet. After all, men have their “Man Caves,” it’s about time women find their own blissful at-home getaways.

Take a tour of three amazing “she sheds” to find inspiration for your own project. Here are 9 tips for creating your own she shed:

1. Order a prefabricated shed. If you don’t already have a back yard shed you can buy a kit starting around a couple thousand bucks.

2. Hire a contractor.   If you have deeper pockets, hire a contractor for a custom shed but consider the cost. Costs can run anywhere from $14,000 to $50,000 for an 8-by-10 shed, depending on location and features.

3. Check to see if you need a building permit. Many of these freestanding structures don’t need a permit, but check your town or city’s ordinance.

4. Consider size and function. Think about how you will use your shed when making your plans, whether its crafts, writing or just relaxing. This will help you determine how much space you need.

5. Consider your tastes. Do you want something more traditional in style or something that’s more contemporary? Look to Pinterest for a bunch of ideas for inspiration.

6. A little paint goes a long away. For existing sheds, give them a fresh coat of paint inside and out.

7. Furnish on the cheap. Shop antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets to furnish your she shed on a budget.

8.  Make it comfortable. Choose cozy furniture and add pillows, rugs and other textiles so you want to spend time there.

9. Beautify the outside. Decorate the exterior with flowers, window boxes, lights, lanterns, signs and other adornments.

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  • I've always wanted what I would call Serenity Holmes for the homeless, as I have been several times. I've come to realize how important it is to first soul search after being through whatever got us to be homeless, before going back into a normal living lifestyle. The transition can be a shock for anyone involved.
    – Jill Alexi Estrada

  • Please show the bathroom and kitchen of the she shed

  • The estimates in this video for the cost of building are completely over the top!  And the skills needed for building these are not great.  You can easily learn to do this yourself and save even more.  Plenty of tutorials on Youtube and think of the savings and the sense of accomplishment. Salvaged materials and not using extreme technology can save more.  heating and cooling such a tiny space is nothing, so who needs the extreme tech.  Antique windows, including antique stained glass…Use craigslist for salvaged low cost or even free materials, windows, plumbing fixtures, appliances or whatever else you want in your space. The same with furnishing it.

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