How to Photograph Landscapes on a Dull Day – Part One

Living on the west of Scotland means lots of what many would consider sub optimal weather. Yes, we get our fair share of majesty and glory, but it’s far from guaranteed. Oftentimes it’s raining, misty, dull or simply overcast.

Now, in the middle of winter, it is not unusual not to see the sun for a full week.

I’ve decided to make a series of videos on how to shoot on days like these, wether you live here like us, or are just visiting.

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Luminosity & Contrast

It is a masterclass. Easily the best e-book on photography I have seen. The images, the mass of information and the way you describe the key elements of vision, inspiration and “feel” as they apply to photography…it’s all SO good. I learned a ton just on my first pass. SEAN BAGSHAW

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