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Horticulture, the culture of growing garden plants, a supplier of gardening products for growing fruits, vegetables and ornamental flowers. Horticulturists work in plant propagation, crop production and plant breeding.

We all know that horticulture is a huge industry and it is said that its the largest employer in the UK, quite possibly as its not just a case of working with plants etc, you could be involved in the marketing sector, or maybe even a journalist as there really are quite a variety of jobs in this industry.

Our advertisers below can offer crop protection equipment, composting, watering, pest control and greenhouse equipment for all your gardening needs through all the seasons.

There are mainly two groups that horticulture can be divided into; edible plants such as fruits, vegetables and nuts and then there are aesthetic plants, basically those grown for their beauty.

Some horticulturists work in plant biochemistry, plant physiology and can be involved in the storage, processing, and the transport of their product such as all types of fruit and berries, flowers, trees and shrubs, vegetables and turf for landscapers etc.

Oh, and what is Horticultural Therapy? We found some information on the net:
Horticultural therapy is a professional practice that uses the cultivation of plants and gardening activities to improve the mental and physical health of its participants.

There are always career opportunities within the horticulture industry and word has it that this sector is growing.

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