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Garden Nurseries or plant nurseries are for the propagation and care of young plants. A nursery is made up of at least one or more large greenhouses that help shelter new bulbs and plants from frost and excessive heat. A nursery will also have a complex watering system to automate the watering of the plants. Basically, a nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to usable size so they can be sold on.

Many will sell to the general public, then there are wholesalers that will only sell to another nursery or landscape gardeners for example, and then you have the private ones who take care of private estates and other large private buyers.

Some specialise in one kind of plant or tree, roses for example or bonsai trees.

Not all that sell plants actually grow their own as some will buy them elsewhere, say from a Horticulturist and then grow them to sell on to the general public or directly to garden centres.

A Garden Nursery will grow annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs and have a variety of uses such as simply decorative plants for home or office, flower gardening and landscaping, garden vegetable plants, and agricultural plants.

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