Diseases that could be growing on your trees

Written on 7th March 2017 @ 12:18pm by London Tree Specialist

Just like humans, trees are also vulnerable to diseases and such tree can cause problems in the ecosystem by infecting the other trees surrounding it. Moreover, such diseases are hard to identify because the causing organisms can rarely be seen by the humans. But as the disease takes hold on the tree, signs & symptoms become obvious. The diseases can affect any part of the tree or entire tree, so to save your tree from such diseases, we're giving away the list of some most common tree diseases.

Phytophthora Root & Crown Rot
Because of this disease the tree generally has the unhealthy appearance and a tree can suffer for years before death or can die in a single season if not cured properly. Of all the trees, the young ones are more vulnerable to the disease and this is all because of they are under development with their root systems and crowns. Our tree surgeon in such cases recommends better soil drainage to protect the tree from the disease.

Oak wilt
As the name sounds the disease spread from oak to oak through the roots. It is a fungal disease which is transmitted by infected beetles and through root grafts. The symptoms of this disease progress differently on different oaks, but, their leaf drop symptom is common in all. Leaves infected by the disease fall before the autumn. In such cases, our tree surgeon recommends digging a trench around the affected tree and following appropriate pruning guidelines.

Root rot
As the name suggests, it is the other type of fungus disease which affects the root through the soil. One interesting fact about this disease is that while one tree may get affected by this while another tree close to this affected tree might not get infected because of the soil which doesn't get affected by the fungus. In such cases, we recommend hiring a professional to treat the same.

It is a fungus that can cause problem with growing leaves or holes within and hide itself under foliage. If caught in the early stages, one can save the tree by cutting off and burning foliage.

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